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Healing by Choice!

Healing by Choice! is a circle of Women of Color health and healing practitioners in Detroit who offer a range of healing modalities for self-care and the reduction of racial harm in mind, body, SPIRIT, and institution. Some of the modalities we work through include Reiki, meditation, Tai-Chi, Peace Circles, herbal consultations, ear acupuncture, food as medicine, workshops and presentations.  


Healing Justice is the practice of reimagining wholeness at the intersection of intergenerational trauma, current structures of oppression, and a generative and co-created future. We hold that joy and pleasure create possibility to be in right relationship with ourselves, each other, and the land.  We strive to demystify medicine and healing, and to make them accessible to everyone. We believe that each person is an expert of their own experience, body and needs, and that it is necessary to address the roots of trauma and injustice for individual and collective transformation.  -Allied Media Conference 2018 Healing Justice Practice Space and Healing Justice Track Coordinators



Services are available for groups and organizations.  Please contact us at healingbychoicecollective@gmail.com or call 313-242-7597 for questions or ideas on how to work together. We can share a specific offering or a blend of many, tailored to the needs of your community.


healing justice practice space

A Healing Justice Practice Space (HJPS) is an all-gender, all-bodied, inclusive, and accessible space for practicing and receiving healing that is built in partnership with social justice movement work and sites of political action. These spaces typically offer a wide variety of health and healing services.


Space for individual services

Quiet meditation or relaxation space set-up

Group sessions (focusing, acudetox, tai chi and more)